Highest Quality. Lowest Price. Period.

Chemaphor Chemical Services is a proudly Canadian company which synthesizes all of its products in-house. Our chemical compounds are not only guaranteed to be of the highest quality, but also the lowest price. If you find a compound of equal quality at a lower price, we will be happy to not only match that price but offer you an additional 5% discount.


At Chemaphor Chemical Services, we specialize in the synthesis of deuterated compounds of high purity and high deuterium enrichment, including vitamin D, vitamin E, and cholesterol, as well as their hydroxy metabolites.

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Chemaphor Chemical Services offers a number of custom-made chemicals at competitive prices, all readily available for shipping. We also make specialty, non-labelled, small-molecule compounds, as may be required for screening as drug candidates, for example.

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About Us

Being committed to value, Chemaphor Chemical Services is determined to provide its customers with the greatest quality of chemicals at the lowest market prices.

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